Thunder Top Play, SA Region 1 vs 4

Say it with me: Stan Dan’s Big Man TD. You can’t go wrong with voting for something with a fantastic name like that. You can’t go wrong with loving when an offensive lineman scores and gets to dance – it’s one of the sights that makes Arena Football so great.

The Thunder’ All-Arena representatives, Varmah Sonie and Bryce Peila? They came into the league and made it their own. It’s no surprise that they comprised so much of the #ThunderTopPlay bracket when you consider that both were in the league’s Top 10 in interceptions, Sonie was in the league’s Top 5 for forced fumbles, and Peila was in the Top 5 for picking ’em up.  This is just another example of their ball-hawking.

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What are we doing? We wrote about this earlier in the month.

Why are we doing it? To remind you of some great moments in 2014 as we lead up to our 2014/15 Open Tryout!