Thunder Top Play, SA Region 3 vs 7

Oh yes he did! Danny Southwick, starting the tournament as a 7-seed, sensed an opening and sprinted through to the second round with the longest TD run in Thunder history.

Jeffrey Solomon’s shoestring catch is a strong contender for Catch of the Year, especially impressive considering how it went unnoticed by award-givers. He takes it off the ground, Sno-cones it with one hand while sliding and flipping over by the wall, and retains the presence of mind to try to get it over the goal line before the Talons’ defender can touch him.

But who can deny Danny Southwick? The Talons’ defense definitely didn’t. Will Solomon’s great catch? Will Thunder fans?

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What are we doing? We wrote about this earlier in the month.

Why are we doing it? To remind you of some great moments in 2014 as we lead up to our 2014/15 Open Tryout!