Thunder Top Play, LA Region 2 vs 3

Another thing Thunder fans seem to love is watching the defensive line beat former KISS quarterback Aaron Garcia up.

KC Obi knocked the ball free from Garcia’s grasp and it landed in the end zone, where Bryce Peila pounced on it to put the Thunder back in charge of the playoff-critical game against Los Angeles. That was a big enough play to take it past Obi’s other hits, where he stopped a fullback for a three-yard loss and ended kick returner AJ Cruz’s night on a clean, hard tackle in special teams.

Meanwhile, a pretty big fumble return was eliminated in the first round in favor of Antron Dillon’s fourth-quarter smackdown of the veteran QB.

“Hit the quarterback really hard” is no longer the tiebreaker – you’ll have to find another reason to send one of these two to the regional finals. Who moves on, Portland?

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