2015 AFL Divison Alignment Announced

The AFL announced today what everyone had basically assumed for months – the Las Vegas Outlaws will replace the San Antonio Talons in the West Division and the New Orleans Voodoo will be shipped off to the East Division as the league realigns into four three-team divisions for 2015.

2015 AFL Division Alignment Image


Choosing your team for the 2015 AFL season

Great! You chose to be an Arena Football fan based on my last blog post. Now, what team should you root for? Check out my newest flow chart over at ArenaFan (here’s a small portion of it below).

Part of the "Pick your 2015 AFL Team" flowchart over at ArenaFan

11 Reasons You Should Spend Your NFL Offseason Following the Arena Football League

Should you become an Arena Football fan? Flow Chart
Should you become an Arena Football fan? Follow this handy flow chart.


  1. It’s an ideal time investment

For those of us who like the NFL’s once-a-week approach to things because we, frankly, have a lot going on in our lives and we can’t be expected to watch 3-7 games per week of our own team playing basketball or baseball, Arena Football provides that nice, familiar, once every seven days opportunity to take a few hours off and catch a game. Oh, you have some extra time this week? You can watch every game from the week in a span of less than 24 hours.

  1. It’s the top level of indoor/arena football

The AFL isn’t the NFL. Don’t focus on what it isn’t. Instead of a touchback after every score, you’ll see kick returns off a rebound net. Extra points aren’t automatic. Defense is critical and turnovers become more important when the offense is expected to score every time they touch the ball. The offensive line and defensive line are going to be in a one-on-one battle with the man across from them for 60 minutes. You’re going to have a 300-lb. man catch a pass at least once a game. Continue reading 11 Reasons You Should Spend Your NFL Offseason Following the Arena Football League