On ArenaFan: To Joe Goosby!

My new column is up on AFL drive stats. San Jose is still the best; Los Angeles is still the worst. The column includes charts detailing how many drives separate them from the rest of the pack, predictions for this week’s games, and praise of the Philadelphia Soul’s Joe Goosby, who had the best game I’ve heard of someone having:

  • Offense: 5 rushes, 4 yards, 3 TDs
  • Defense: 3 tackles, 2 FF, INT, defensive TD
  • Special teams: Blocked PAT, returned for a two-point conversion.

In honor of his performance, I am trying to start a “To Joe Goosby!” quote war this week among Arena Football fans in the style of a Bill Brasky sketch. My contribution:

Joe Goosby required the Storm to have permission slips signed by each player’s parents requesting that their child be allowed to score. Unfortunately, their father, Joe Goosby, refused to write such permission slips.

If you have a “To Joe Goosby!” quote idea, share it with me on Wrong Way Sports’ Facebook page, ArenaFan’s message boards, or on Twitter. I’ll share the best in my column next week!