Wrong Way Food Begins

Hi! I no longer live in the Portland area and, in fact, live nowhere near any AFL team (Irving, Texas!). So let’s put the whole AFL thing in the back seat for now (I might rev it up again as the season approaches), and get to exploring my new neighborhood’s food options.

Now, if you know me, you know I’m decidedly unpretentious when it comes to my food. I don’t like spicy food – I could say it’s because it masks the flavor of the food, but to say the same thing in a way I believe it…that stuff burns my mouth, and I don’t find it enjoyable. Similarly, I don’t like raw onions or pickles. Mustard is okay if mixed with other stuff, but I don’t find it pleasurable, either. Basically, if it’s an acquired taste, unless it has promises of altered conscious (like good ol’ beer, which I eventually came around on), I have no interest in acquiring it.

So keep that in mind as I review foods from the area. I take price into consideration (I have to feed a family). I take portion size into consideration. I don’t much care about ambiance provided I’m not too disgusted to eat somewhere. If those things are important to you, you’re probably going to disagree with my opinions, and that’s okay.

I’m mostly doing this for myself, since I’m beginning to find it difficult to keep track of the restaurants I’ve eaten at on google maps and I’m not interested in being part of everyone else’s rating system. So let’s enjoy eating and rating food the Wrong Way!