Smashburger (Irving, TX)

I’ve been to the local Smashburger a few times now, but hadn’t taken a picture before this outing. I needed to go get some food before catching a couple of great, late Pac-12 games (Oregon vs. Stanford, WSU vs. UCLA).

I had some coupons from work, so I grabbed the $3 off an order of $10 or more deal and headed out to buy some burgers (Kara had already gone to sleep, so no need to worry about chicken nugget availability).

Emoji review: 🍔👌+🍟👌+🏈-💵💵=😀👌

It’s probably unfair to Smashburger to photograph a Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger, especially after transport home. The fries had also been split between my wife and myself.

The pluses: It was probably a wise decision to split the fries, even if they are the delicious shoestring kind I love so much and could eat an entire to-go bag full. I continued to avoid the BBQ Bacon Burger that I know I will fall in love with and never be interested in trying another again, instead choosing to eat a Truffle Mushroom Swiss burger. Flavor was delicious; attractiveness left something to be desired, especially by the time it made the trip home (see photo, plus the burger is bigger than it looks here). I didn’t get any drinks because we were going to eat at home and I already had beer to consume. So all in all, the price was solid. $7.50/burger and what basically worked out to a free fries due to coupon and my wife and I were happy with the decision.

The minuses: Eh, $7.50 is still a bit on the spendy side for a fast food burger. It’s better than, well, pretty much anything else you can get, fast-food wise, but I’m not sure it wins the “best flavor per dollar” crown, especially given deals available at other places at times. Looks (again, see above). Those are really, really minor minuses that I’m only listing so there’s something in this section.

All in all, Smashburger has some damn delicious burgers, plenty of different styles to choose from, and pricing that’s not too expensive (especially if you have coupons). The fries are also good and crispy, just like I like ’em. The kids’ amenities aren’t as great as Steak ‘n’ Shake’s were, but they provided a menu and crayons, if I recall correctly, which is plenty.

EDIT: I added a featured image to more accurately represent how attractive your burger is likely to look in-restaurant. Much, much sexier than the photo in the article. Sorry for making you look less phenomenal than you are, Smashburger.