Po’ Melvin’s (Irving, TX)

The first time I went here, I went with a group of co-workers for lunch. I had a regular meal (stuffed peppers) and three sides and a roll. It was a lot of food for the low price and I’d have gone back on the merit of that alone, plus the deliciousness of the yams.

However, having seen what my co-workers’ meals were, especially the po’ boys…I knew I had to return sooner rather than later.

Emoji review: 🐔+🍟🔥+🍠+👇💵=🙏

The second time I learned from the mistakes of the first. As someone who LOATHES soggy fries, the fries were a big mark against the place the first time I went. However, if you ask them to fry the fries twice, until they’re crispy, they go from a negative to a tasty plus for the restaurant. The chicken-fried chicken po’ boy was also delicious.

The service has always been good and there are enough TVs to see whatever game you’re looking for, especially on slow sports days. The weird thing about this place is the bathroom, which doesn’t really have enough space so there’s a urinal facing the door and too close to the door, so you’re almost greeting anyone that comes in. Use the restroom before you leave home.