In N Out (Irving, TX)

With the family out of town and places that don’t serve chicken and fries or pasta now on the list of restaurants for me to choose, and an In N Out conveniently on the way home from work…well, that’s where I ended up.

Emoji review: 🍔👍+🍟👎=😐

Once upon a time, when I was stationed in Camp Pendleton and going to school at night, my roommate and I would stop at In N Out every other night on our way to classes, so going to the restaurant always brings back memories of being in shape despite eating copious amounts of unhealthy food and nice sunny Southern California evenings.

Aside from nostalgia, however, the food isn’t nearly as good as other fast-food places. The fries, even when fried until they’re actually crispy, are starchy beyond any other fries anywhere. The burger is always good, though I prefer to skip the thousand-island-style dressing and entire cross-section of onion.

Just remember that the best things are all off the menu, a silly business tactic in my opinion. Rather than the double-double, you can get a 3×3 or 4×4 or as many patties and cheeses as anyone could need. You can get everything animal-style, which just means you’re going to get cheese and onions all over your fries or burger…which is probably more appealing if you don’t hate onions.