Subway (North Lake College Campus, Irving, TX)

Of all the Subway restaurants I’ve been to (or even worked at), this one is the most-prepared I’ve seen – they’re never out of cookies or bread types, and they’re usually close to full stock on everything.

Emoji Review: 🍪🍪🍪 (😍) or no 🍪🍪  (😐)

That said, it’s still a Subway – you’re getting “okay” food for “okay” prices. Food is fresh enough and even if the cookies aren’t fresh baked, I would eat a damn gross of them at the drop of a hat, especially the white chocolate/macadamia nut ones. This time I got Cheetos instead for some ridiculous reason that I don’t remember. Perhaps I opted for three cookies in addition to my meal.

The line can be a deterrent if you get there at the wrong time, but if you avoid peak times (or just pretend to visit Student Life if the line is too long, then check it out after you leave their office), you can get in and out of there pretty quickly. It sucks to not have options for dining on campus, but Subway is an adequate meal that I never feel I HAVE to work out after.