LA Burger (Irving, TX)

I think the picture up there says so much that even I wouldn’t bother reading the things I’m typing.

I’ve been to LA Burger twice and I haven’t even ordered the burger I would normally get (the Holy Smokes) because I’ve been enticed other directions (the LA burger, sans jalapenos, and the Cali Sunshine). Hell, I may not get to the Holy Smokes the next time I go, either, as there are several other options that look amazing.

Emoji review: 🇰🇷🍔+🍟 = 😋😋

Basically, this is everything Five Guys charges for (and they charge similar amounts, so don’t expect to get a meal for under $10), but much, much better. And I even like Five Guys’ food! If you eat at LA Burger and you don’t enjoy the burger, it’s you, not them. The burgers made me feel like angels and dolphins were hugging and singing love songs in my mouth.