Palio’s Pizza (Las Colinas, TX)

If you’re going by on Royal Lane, you’re unlikely to see Palio’s Pizza if you’re driving safely – it’s offset from the street, behind another building that contains a WingStop and some other restaurants. Conveniently, it’s within a mile or so from my apartment, so when I want to go pick up some pizzas, I like to frequent them.

Emoji review: 🍕 = 😎; 🍞🍖🍅 = 😚👌🏼

As I mentioned in my NY Pizza and Deli review earlier, there are a LOT of thin-crust joints around these parts. Their pizzas are good, but they don’t stand out in any way, although I do like the fact that if you get a second pizza of the same size, you do get a significant discount. There are also a lot of pizzas (warning: .pdf menu) you won’t find at your typical delivery joint.

The Prestino – garlic butter, olive oil, genoa salami, meatballs, mushrooms, garlic, fresh basil, feta & mozzarella. Yes, I realize that putting the store parmesan on there was another bad decision.

Last time I went, I felt like adding something different to the program, and went with a meatball sub. The bread was amazing – I’d eat just that by itself. The meatballs, cheese, and sauce were all delicious and by the time I got to the end of the sandwich, a small tear formed at the corner of my eye as I lamented my decision to buy pizzas instead of more meatball subs.

I’ve never eaten in the restaurant, but the place seems nice enough, with a few TVs that seem to usually be on soccer games, if you’re into that. The lunch specials seem to be the best deal, going from Monday-Friday, and you can get a sandwich, chips, salad, and a drink for $8.99 (dine-in or carryout only).

For pizza, it’s a solid option a cut above the national chains. The subs, though – that’s what I’m excited about. Anyone up for lunch sometime?