Adisil (Irving, TX)

Recently in my neighborhood, signs have popped up advertising this place – they’re similar to political candidate signs (which have been surprisingly rare here in Texas, thankfully) in that they’re unsightly. They differ, however, in that I was actually interested in giving Adisil my support.

My friend and former co-worker agreed with this assessment of the ads and we, along with a mutual friend, visited Adisil last week for lunch.

Emoji review: 🍛🐔🍖 = 🆗;  🐔 x 65 = 😋

First of all, we noobs were a little confused by their menu – you can make each of the dishes into a combo, but to make it into a combo you add a side (including meats), a salad or dessert, and a drink. I got all the stuff pictured above, including the naan that isn’t really pictured, for under 10 bucks, so it was definitely satisfying on the value portion of the proposition (again, something I’ve never felt after voting).

Food-wise, I’m no Indian food expert, as this is the second time I’ve been to an Indian restaurant in my life, but the chicken curry was hot enough to clean out the sinuses but mild enough for me to actually want to keep eating it. The salad was salad – okay, but mostly just there to cool off after the curry. The Chicken 65, however, was amazing. The origins of the name “Chicken 65” seem up for dispute, but I’ll assume that it’s the number of pieces of it you’ll want to eat each time you go.

Overall, I’m told, the meal was good – I’ll take their word for it. I’m still trying to figure out where Chicken 65 has been my whole life. Why are people wasting all this time putting signs in lawns touting political candidates when what we REALLY need to know about is amazing food?*

*Better yet, combine these ideas – let the candidates bring us delicious food to entice us. Then we’d actually enjoy election season.


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