New York Pizza Pasta (Valley Ranch, TX)

I’ve ordered from New York Pizza Pasta a few times, but for photo purposes I took the family and we dined in for the first time last weekend. The place is definitely set up for you to get your pizza at the counter and then sit, but one of the cooks offered to serve us at a table, so we went for that one, as we weren’t sure exactly what we wanted.

Emoji review: 🍕 + 🙋 = 😎

I knew their regular pizza was good; it’s actually my favorite pick-up pizza, although I haven’t tried a few places yet (when I do, I’ll review them, of course). What I really wanted to try to find, though, was some Sicilian-style pizza, like New York Pizza and Deli had in Euless (although in my mind, the best is still The Nines in Ithaca). I only saw “deep dish” on the menu and hoped that would fulfill my belly’s needs.

While good, and a solid value for the money considering the deep dish costs the same amount as any other 18″ pizza, my deep dish pizza was a little too salty and I found myself wanting more of the regular pizza. By ordering two pizzas, we had plenty of leftovers (virtually a whole pie), which meant I did get some nice cold leftover pizza for the next two days. From the other times I’ve been here, I also recommend the calzones, which have ricotta like a good calzone should (and are of a nice size).

Grading on the curve of “being waited on by a cook and bartender” service was good, but I’d recommend heading in there knowing what you want so you can order at the counter and sit. Or just order your meal to go – then you can spare the roof of your mouth the burning of 10,697 suns because you can’t resist eating the pizza when it hits the table even though you KNOW you’re going to get burned.

All in all, the meal set me back about five days in my weight-loss journey and was probably worth being set back about 2-3 days. I’ll go back again, but I’ll stick to the pizzas and calzones that I’m used to.