MOOYAH Burgers, Fries, & Shakes (Allen, TX)

I didn’t plan on going to MOOYAH. I was in Allen to catch a Champions Indoor Football league game and catch up with some old friends, as the San Angelo Bandits were in town to play the Texas Revolution. After an extra 40 minutes worth of traffic beyond the bloated time Google gave me to get to the game, I didn’t have much time to search the area and MOOYAH happened to appear while I was walking around.

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All-American Cafe (Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX)

Last year we bought season passes to Six Flags Over Texas. For barely more than it would cost to go once, we could get a year and about three months’ worth of park visits. Since any trip taking more than three hours with our family is going to require food, and it takes about an hour to get through a line to a good ride,Β we added the dining pass to our cards as well. This past weekend, those decisions paid off.

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Vito’s Pizza Restaurant (Irving, TX)

My family wanted pizza. Since making homemade dough, waiting for it to rise, kneading it down, preparing all the ingredients, and baking pizzasΒ would’ve meant plenty of dishes and a late, late dinner after an exhausting day, we headed out to nearby Vito’s Pizza Restaurant on Belt Line.

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AFL Week 2 in Three .gifs

Since Monday’s game will be on CBSSN and therefore inaccessible to me, here are the highlights from the games I saw this weekend.

Tampa Bay at Cleveland:Β I think this is the only highlight in a game that was pretty ugly and marred by injuries and guys that were never supposed to play this year ending up playing QB for both teams. This interception sealed the win for the Gladiators.

In fairness to the QB, the defender is nearly invisible in this .gif. Unfortunately for him, real life is not compressed for size and using only 64 colors, so he shouldn’t be quite so invisible.

Portland at Orlando: It was an ugly game considering that the only real stop was the interception on Portland’s last play of the game. The first half was full of slow, methodical drives, and the second half saw lots of penalties and lots more scoring. The Predators’ feed meant lots of camera cuts mid-play, which makes for confusing .gifs and a lot of the game’s best plays were lost to that production.

The best kick return of the night ended in the returner nearly being carried off the field by the opposing team. The next play was an interception to seal the Predators’ win.

Arizona at Los Angeles: Sorry, this was after my bedtime. I see I didn’t miss much, as Arizona obliterated LA.

I didn’t watch Arizona vs. Los Angeles. I’ll let this Predator shame me (and haunt you).

The War on I-4 in Three .gifs

The Predators beat the Storm by 51 points on Friday, the worst loss in Tampa Bay’s history. In case you missed the game, these three .gifs summarize it pretty well.

DE Mike Lewis recovers the fumble for a Predators TD in the AFL Highlight of the Game.
WR Brandon Thompkins makes the Cutters Catch of the Game for another touchdown.
DB Varmah Sonie celebrates his first interception of the night. His second ended the game.

Dutch’s Hamburgers (Fort Worth, TX)

Hooray! I had a great opportunity to visit Fort Worth again recently and my trip brought me right into Dutch’s neighborhood. I vowed to attack this restaurant the next time I was in town and I lived up to that promise for you, my readers*.

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