Vito’s Pizza Restaurant (Irving, TX)

My family wanted pizza. Since making homemade dough, waiting for it to rise, kneading it down, preparing all the ingredients, and baking pizzas would’ve meant plenty of dishes and a late, late dinner after an exhausting day, we headed out to nearby Vito’s Pizza Restaurant on Belt Line.

Emoji review: 🍕👪➡🎊; 🍕🍕🍕🍕🐖➡🐘

Of course, after getting to the restaurant, I was reminded of their calzones. I love pizza, but if calzone is an option, I’m always going to opt for a calzone. Specifically, I chose the supreme calzone, which is served on the same dish a 14″ pizza is served on. It’s basically a 14″ pizza with a lot more cheese, and smart people would split it and make it a great meal for two.


I, however, am not particularly smart when it comes to food, and ate the entire thing, allowing my wife and daughter to split the pizza they’d ordered. Coupled with the very attentive service from our waiter which gave me the opportunity to consume far more Dr Pepper than I should consume, it was a meal that left me happy I had nothing else planned for the rest of the evening.

The crust was good. The toppings were plentiful and good (although they seem to have the same sausage that every pizza place in the area has, which is weird for me). There was Ricotta (it’s very weird when places don’t have it in their calzones) and the sauce on the side was great. All in all, the whole family enjoyed the trip.