All-American Cafe (Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, TX)

Last year we bought season passes to Six Flags Over Texas. For barely more than it would cost to go once, we could get a year and about three months’ worth of park visits. Since any trip taking more than three hours with our family is going to require food, and it takes about an hour to get through a line to a good ride, we added the dining pass to our cards as well. This past weekend, those decisions paid off.

Emoji review: 🍖🎱, 🍟♨, and 🆓? 💣

First things first: Everything is a terrible deal for your money if you’re buying these meals without a dining pass, but if you’re a tourist at an amusement park, you already know you’re a cash-filled pinata and every stop you find in the park is an eight-year-old with a baseball bat. I’m reviewing this as someone who got the meal for “free”.

Lines are very long, even when the park is relatively empty. Since dining passes can only be used during certain hours (although the window is plenty large), the lines are especially long during those times. The All-American Cafe, at least, is well-staffed and despite the long line that was about as long as any line for a ride, we were ordering within a half-hour and had our food within a couple of minutes.

The best part of the meatball sub is that it’s not a commonly selected item. Unlike the chicken strips or cheeseburgers, which are made in advance because they know they’re getting ordered constantly, if you order a meatball sub, they’ll make it when you order it. This also means you get fresh french fries (which are really the only way to eat french fries).

The meal exceeded my expectations (which, admittedly, were low) and I highly recommend the meatball sub to anyone with a dining pass who happens to be at the All-American Cafe at Six Flags Over Texas. Although my wife and daughter split the chicken tenders meal and didn’t have to wait for food, I still finished before they did and we were able to get back out and get in line for more rides – until we decided to leave because the rain wasn’t stopping soon enough.

After all, since we can come back any day for free rides and free meals, there’s no need to spend time being miserable.