AFL Fun Facts, Post-Week 6

If you’re a Portland Steel or Tampa Bay Storm fan, these facts are mostly not very fun. However, the superlatives for the bottom two teams in the league are more compelling than the superlatives for the top teams, so prepare yourself to know too much about how badly the 2016 season is going for these squads.

  • On Monday night, the Steel’s Darron Thomas made his first start of the season and threw five interceptions to the LA KISS. The KISS had picked off only four passes in their first five games of the year.
  • The LA KISS hadn’t scored a defensive touchdown in their first five games. They scored three against the Steel.
  • The Steel did make their first interception of the year when a likely touchdown pass was jarred from receiver Donovan Morgan’s hands by the back wall and the ball popped up to defensive back Mike McMillan.
  • The Cleveland Gladiators recorded their first defensive fumble recovery of the year against the Jacksonville Sharks. Every team in the league now has at least one fumble recovery and one interception.
  • Portland’s defense has faced 48 drives, stopping just six of them. Portland’s offense has given up eight defensive touchdowns to opponents. They have now, as a team, surrendered 50 touchdowns from scrimmage while only facing 48 drives.
  • The Arizona Rattlers have forced 23 turnovers on downs. The Philadelphia Soul have forced the second-most, with 13.5 stops on downs (field goals count as a half-stop).
  • The Rattlers and Sharks are the only teams to not have given up a touchdown with their offense on the field.
  • The Sharks and Soul are the only teams to not have scored a special teams touchdown this year. The Soul have made up for the lack of free touchdowns on special teams by scoring SEVEN defensive touchdowns, most in the league.
  • The Orlando Predators are the only team to have completed a game without having been stopped on offense. They have done so three times in six games.
  • The Sharks have the league’s leader in rushing yards, passing yards, and receiving yards…and are 2-4.

Now let’s discuss the Steel and the Storm together:

  • Tampa Bay and Portland have compiled 40.5 successful drives so far this season. That would make the SteelStorm the 5th most successful offense in the league, behind Arizona (53), Orlando (51.5), Philadelphia (44), and Jacksonville (43). Just ignore how many drives it took them to get there (105).
  • Tampa Bay and Portland are the only two teams to not have scored a defensive touchdown.
  • If you combined Tampa Bay (4) and Portland’s (2) defensive stops on downs, you’d have six TOD forced, which would still be the fewest in the league.
  • If you combined Tampa Bay (3) and Portland’s (1) defensive interceptions, you’d have four interceptions, which would still be the fewest in the league.

Let’s bring this up in the hopes that calling attention to it will cause it to stop:

  • Steel opponents have scored on 22 of 22 red zone appearances. No other team made it through six quarters without coming up with a red zone stop.