Kenny’s Burger Joint (Frisco, TX)

Recently, the Bacon and Egg burger from Kenny’s Burger Joint made Texas Monthly’s 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas. Online reviews are equally effusive about the place, which ensured I’d have to check the place out when I was in Frisco recently.

Emoji review: 🍔🍳🐷=😕, 🍟=🙋, 💁💸

We got there during a dinner rush, so the place was packed. There were good movie quotes as decor, and I love a place with a challenge burger. The menu looked intriguing and full of burgers I’d be excited to eat, and hey, garlic parmesan fries!

Of course, that was a lot of buildup, and unfortunately the burgers were not able to live up to them. The Juicy Lucy, while good, wasn’t among the top stuffed burgers I’ve had in my life. The Bacon and Egg burger…maybe I just don’t like Bearnaise sauce, because I always love fried eggs and bacon on a burger and I just didn’t find it enjoyable. The garlic parmesan fries were, like most garlic fries, great for the first few, then overwhelming by the end. All in all, Kenny’s packed a lot of flavor, but it was too much for me to enjoy.

Also confusingly, I was only a little hungry, then I ate a Juicy Lucy and a quarter of my wife’s Bacon and Egg burger, almost all of the garlic parmesan fries, and a lot of the regular fries…and still wasn’t full. Maybe I should’ve tried that challenge burger.