Camino Real Imports (Pagosa Springs, CO)

When I was visiting my folks in Colorado earlier this month, we had a great time visiting, exploring the waterfalls, eating at great restaurants, and everything…but the greatest thing of all was Camino Real Imports- basically a gigantic warehouse full of art that many would consider tacky. I find it fantastic as a lover of vibrant colors and patterns. Some day I will return with more money and buy lots and lots of ridiculous things.

Some day.

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Kebabs To Go (Irving, TX)

kebabstogomenusI only went to Kebabs To Go as an accident. My friend and I were SUPPOSED to go to LA Burger to celebrate my getting a new job (although I’d had it a while), but apparently they’re closed on Sundays. So we walked over to Kebabs To Go, which I’d wanted to go to for a while due to their strong Google reviews.

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Cafe Colorado (Pagosa Springs, CO)

We also hiked to some of the local waterfalls for pics.

Early in September, the family and I went to Pagosa Springs to visit my folks and explore an area that features actual elevation changes, something I’ve yet to find in Texas (not that I’m complaining, it makes for much safer driving).

My parents took us to their favorite place, a little diner-type deal near their house and away from downtown (there was a folk festival of some sort taking place that weekend), so despite its bustling, it wasn’t too jam-packed.

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18th and Vine (Dallas, TX)

As part of a work team-building, getting-to-know-the-crew-type meal a while ago, I ended up at 18th and Vine. I thought the suggestion that the place was fancy for a BBQ place was a joke, wearing a baseball cap – that was a mistake. It is actually pretty fancy (for a BBQ place: Actual plates! Clean tables! Silverware!), but it is still BBQ, so they’ll forgive you if you show up in a baseball cap ready to chow down.

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