Cafe Colorado (Pagosa Springs, CO)

We also hiked to some of the local waterfalls for pics.

Early in September, the family and I went to Pagosa Springs to visit my folks and explore an area that features actual elevation changes, something I’ve yet to find in Texas (not that I’m complaining, it makes for much safer driving).

My parents took us to their favorite place, a little diner-type deal near their house and away from downtown (there was a folk festival of some sort taking place that weekend), so despite its bustling, it wasn’t too jam-packed.

Emoji review: 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍖🧀🍟, 🏔😃

I peeped the four-egg omelet on the menu which allowed for five fillings plus cheese and it was love at first sight. I saw a pancake heading to another table and realized that would be the side dish.

It’s pretty impossible to have a bad time when you’re eating four eggs and five toppings of your choice, hash browns, and a pancake. And, y’know, since my dad was paying, the price was as good as possible – free. That said, if I remember, it was roughly $10 for the meal, which is amazing considering all I ate.

I did feel some pain later in the day as I realized that, well, that’s a lot of food to eat in one sitting. I soldiered on, however, and we went for some hikes later that day (see above) to check out the nearby waterfalls and check out a canyon. I highly recommend both the Cafe Colorado and Pagosa Springs (though watch out downtown – those hot springs are sulfurous, and smell as you’d expect).