DSP Pizzeria (Pagosa Springs, CO)

The surrounding area provided some pretty cool views. This one required a 100-yard walk to get to from the parking lot. My kind of hike!

When we went to the Cafe Colorado on our first night in Pagosa Springs, I grabbed their local visitors’ guide and rifled through it to check for other restaurants we might want to check out during our stay. One option, offering $2 margaritas in addition to pizzas…was out of business. The $2 margaritas may not have been the best idea.

DSP Pizzeria, however, was still around and my parents mentioned that it was the place they’d take us if we were looking for a pizza.

Emoji review: šŸ•,šŸ½,šŸ»,šŸ”

I’ve never seen a calzone with viewing holes cut in the top quite like this before. It certainly adds to the appeal as far as taking photos, and the crispiness was pretty cool…but it was a little weird for saucing the calzone. I won’t actively seek calzones looking this way in the future, but it was a cool change of pace.

The above photo also does a good job of hiding just how massive this thing was – the other half of the calzone is most of the way under the half on top, which causes a bit of a surprise. If you’re going here, go on an empty stomach so you can really get it all in.

As with Cafe Colorado, this place gets you good and fueled up for exploring the surrounding mountains. Make sure you actually do some of that or the undoubtedly massive amount of calories will see you leaving the state heavier than when you arrived.