AT&T Stadium (Arlington, TX)

I was given an opportunity to take a free ticket to the Cowboys’ preseason game against the Dolphins and since I’d never been to AT&T stadium, I snapped it up. I’d looked at tickets to the game against the Seahawks last year, and since standing-room only “seats” were going for over $100 for a regular season game, I sure wasn’t planning on buying my way into the stadium anytime soon.

Emoji review: ⭐,🍔, 🔵🧀, 🍣

Getting into the stadium for free didn’t mean this was going to be a free endeavor! I figured I ought to eat stadium food for dinner for purposes of reviewing it. When I got to the stands and saw that burgers were $15-$25 each…I was not excited. But hey, it’s not like I’m going to a game every day – I ordered just a regular ol’…umm…I can’t remember. It was one of the $15 options. I want to say it was called the Bleu Burger but it was definitely cheese-named.

It came with chips and I suppose when you factor in the view..


…the price really isn’t anything to complain about. It’s really similar to some of the upscale burger joint prices and it tastes like an upscale burger. I regret no part of having the burger.

…the $8 beers, though, I certainly regret and feel are overpriced, but that’s how it goes at athletic events. I suppose it prevents people with no self-control from imbibing too much and being far more obnoxious. Cowboys fans were all having a good time, however, as backup (at the time) QB Dak Prescott stomped all over the Dolphins’ defense and scored on every drive.

All in all, unexpectedly good food at not-that-bad-when-you-think-about-it prices!