2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 6: Howard vs. Rogers

WR Jamar Howard didn’t score any receiving touchdowns against the Voodoo – all he did was score the franchise’s only kick return touchdown of the season when he pulled the onside kick attempt down and put it in the end zone for the winning score against New Orleans.  Eric Rogers’ touchdown, meanwhile, was the alpha to Howard’s omega; the first score of the game.

Which receiver’s play wraps up the second round entrants from the New Orleans Region?

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2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 5: Crocker vs. Solomon

The first two brackets wrapped up the biggest plays in  our wins against the National Conference. Now we move on to those American Conference wins, starting with the home win against the New Orleans Voodoo.

Why is this crazy touchdown from Jeffrey Solomon only an 8 seed? First of all, the Thunder made a lot of great plays in this game. Secondly, the replays indicate that Solomon probably should’ve been ruled down, so we have to lower the score a bit. Eric Crocker didn’t need to worry about whether he was tackled or not as he strutted into the end zone on an early stop for the defense.

Which big touchdown is the first of its bracket to move to Round 2?

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2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 5: Rogers vs. Rogers

Eric Rogers had a pretty average game for him against New Orleans, picking up 74 yards and four touchdowns (actual average: 100 yards and three touchdowns). However, that doesn’t mean these touchdown plays were average. Unlike Solomon’s 8 seed touchdown, Rogers wasn’t ever actually down on his “Pt. III” run.

Which of Rogers’ touchdowns tops the other?

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Thunder Top Play Tourney, Week 1 Recap

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We’re through a week of voting for 2014’s top play! The second round in the top half of the bracket has been set, with eight different players’ highlights being represented, a tribute to how much of a team effort these games are. The big upset of the first round was Danny Southwick, who ran past 2-seed Varmah Sonie with the longest touchdown run in Thunder history.

Top Play bracket after a week of voting

Next week will feature plays from our wins over our American Conference foes, the New Orleans Voodoo, Jacksonville Sharks, and Tampa Bay Storm. Be ready for several more great plays and help us determine who came up with the Thunder’s top play in 2014!

Don’t forget! YOU could make the top play for the Thunder in 2015! We have open tryouts on December 1 (QB, WR, DB) and 2 (FB, LB, OL, DL). Sign up early and save $20 on registration fees!

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2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 4: Big Fumble vs. Big Hits

KC Obi, a Southern Californian, wreaked havoc on the Los Angeles KISS in the game at the Moda Center. The iconic play of the game was obviously the sack and forced fumble that resulted in Bryce Peila’s touchdown, putting the Thunder on top for good. But we couldn’t let Obi’s other work in the game go unnoticed. He posted a huge tackle for a loss early in the game and then crushed KISS returner AJ Cruz on a return later in the game.

Which rounds out the Round Two competitors in the Los Angeles Region?

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2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 4: Dillon vs. Jackson

When Dwight McLean popped the ball free and Marquis Jackson returned the ball inside the KISS five-yard-line to close out the first half, the game swung back in the Thunder’s favor. Dillon’s sack put an exclamation point on the win, ending the KISS’s last real opportunity to come back and set off a Rip City celebration.

Which huge defensive play heads to Round 2?

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Thunder in the Offseason, Pt. 2

Douglas McNeil III hauls in a pass at Denver Broncos practice.
Douglas McNeil III hauls in a pass at Denver Broncos practice last week.

A few former Portland Thunder players are  making an impact in other leagues as well.

WR Eric Rogers got his first CFL action a couple of weeks ago, catching five passes for 72 yards (second-most on the team), helping Calgary notch its 14th win of the season. Unfortunately for those tuning in to see him last week, he wasn’t active for that game – however, it seems as though he’s going to be starting at WR again for the Stampeders this week.

Former LB T.J. Fatinikun is still on the active roster with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Douglas McNeil III continues to participate on the Denver Broncos’ practice squad.

Here’s this week’s schedule for their new teams for those who want to keep up with  their exploits!

  • Calgary at BC: Sat., Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. PDT. (ESPN3)
  • Tampa Bay vs Atlanta: Sun., Nov. 9 at 10 a.m. PST. (FOX)
  • Denver at Oakland: Sun., Nov. 9 at 1:05 p.m. PST. (CBS)

2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 3: BattlePicks

The Thunder defense made a ton of plays against the Los Angeles KISS. Varmah Sonie started things off with a couple of interceptions in the first quarter, and Dwight McLean took advantage of a Donte Paige-Moss tip to help seal up the win and a virtual lock on a playoff berth for the Thunder.

Which pick will Thunder fans pick?

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2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 3: McNeil vs. McNeil

This battle between Douglas McNeil III plays highlights the age-old battle in determining greatness – do you value one bright, shining moment, no matter how fleeting? Or do you prefer consistently good plays? McNeil provided both against the KISS – now it’s your turn to decide which YOU value.

Which of McNeil’s moments move on to Round 2?

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2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 2: Sonie vs. Southwick

Let’s close out the San Antonio bracket with a couple of great plays. Sure, Varmah Sonie’s interception was great – but what really makes this play is the way he takes the tackle, finishes with a roll, and sticks the landing. Danny Southwick, meanwhile, holds the Portland Thunder record for longest touchdown run. He taught opposing defenses a lesson with this run: Never sleep on Southwick!

Which play earns the final spot in Round 2?

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