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Are Arvell Nelson and Bernard Morris Backup Quarterbacks?

The stats are in, and it’s unfair to call Arvell Nelson and Bernard Morris “backup” quarterbacks. These guys are every bit as good as the guys who entered the season as starters, and probably should be starting for some of the teams that desperately need a quarterback.

Why do I say that? Check out my full article (with stats) over at ArenaFan.


On ArenaFan: Celebrating Brooks’ season; Weighted Power Rankings

I have a couple articles up on ArenaFan this week – First off is coverage of Duane Brooks, who has been the story for the Thunder in recent weeks as he moves toward the record books as having the best season for a kick returner in league history.

The second may not be so well-received by Thunder fans, as it incorporates a weighted “what have you done for me lately” system that sees Portland fall to 12th in the league in offensive/defensive success rate.

Check back later this week for a game preview and the Game Day poster! After this week, the blog will gradually be shifting focuses as I go up to Spokane for Hoopfest and then relocate to Irving, TX to begin work at North Lake College.

On ArenaFan: Team Rankings

The Thunder are getting dangerously close to having a worse defense than the KISS after last week’s game in Anaheim. Unfortunately, they face a reinvigorated Arizona Rattlers team this week, which won’t help them increase the gap. This week’s article also features the perfect example of how worthless yards are as a measure of offense in the AFL:

The Los Angeles KISS average more yards per game than the San Jose SaberCats, although the SaberCats have the most effective offense in the league and the KISS are the least effective.

Check out the rest of the numbers and this week’s picks over at ArenaFan.

On ArenaFan: To Joe Goosby!

My new column is up on AFL drive stats. San Jose is still the best; Los Angeles is still the worst. The column includes charts detailing how many drives separate them from the rest of the pack, predictions for this week’s games, and praise of the Philadelphia Soul’s Joe Goosby, who had the best game I’ve heard of someone having:

  • Offense: 5 rushes, 4 yards, 3 TDs
  • Defense: 3 tackles, 2 FF, INT, defensive TD
  • Special teams: Blocked PAT, returned for a two-point conversion.

In honor of his performance, I am trying to start a “To Joe Goosby!” quote war this week among Arena Football fans in the style of a Bill Brasky sketch. My contribution:

Joe Goosby required the Storm to have permission slips signed by each player’s parents requesting that their child be allowed to score. Unfortunately, their father, Joe Goosby, refused to write such permission slips.

If you have a “To Joe Goosby!” quote idea, share it with me on Wrong Way Sports’ Facebook page, ArenaFan’s message boards, or on Twitter. I’ll share the best in my column next week!

On ArenaFan: Measuring San Jose’s Success (And LA’s Lack Thereof)

How much better is San Jose’s defense (by far the best unit in the league) than Los Angeles’ defense (the worst unit in the league)?

The KISS would have to stop the next 69 opposing drives just to become San Jose’s defensive equal (if San Jose continues to force stops at the same rate). The KISS defense faces fewer than 10 drives a game, so that’s just about seven consecutive shutouts. We’re only eight games into the season!

For more drive-based stats, see my article over at ArenaFan.

(Pictured: the ninth stop of the season for the KISS. Again, we’re eight games into the season.)

You Can’t Go Home Again (Especially Wearing the Road Team’s Uniform)

Former Thunder QB Danny Southwick was the starter for the Spokane Shock as they visited Portland on April 9. Did his time in training camp help him or the Thunder? Were there any conflicts of interest among his former teammates? Why was he still in Portland throughout the weekend? Find all the answers in my newest article on ArenaFan.

Breaking down the #AFLTop50

I have a new infographic up at ArenaFan, this time going into the player-selected top 50 players in the AFL that the league provided this offseason.

All in all, the list had a definite winners’ bias – with 11 defensive backs selected, three top-ten interception guys somehow didn’t make the list – Cameron McGlenn of the New Orleans Voodoo, who was fifth in the league with 11 interceptions, and Eric Crocker and Varmah Sonie of the Portland Thunder with 10 and 9, respectively. Sonie also forced three fumbles, but it wasn’t enough to get him on the list

They also didn’t care much about offensive linemen, as only two, Richard Ranglin and Michael Huey, managed to crack the top 50, the only position for which I couldn’t make a full first-team squad out of the votes.

The below graph shows that San Jose has amassed more Top 25 players than any other division has for 2015. If any team seems to have the talent edge coming into the season, it’s them. Position breakdowns, the color key, and more data are found on the graphic over at ArenaFan. Check back later this week for a Thunder breakdown!

(Data accurate as of 3/21/15)

This is where the top 25 players in the league are, by team. In each division, there is one team with no players in the top 25 - Las Vegas, Portland, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay.
This is where the top 25 players in the league are, by team. In each division, there is one team with no players in the top 25 – Las Vegas, Portland, New Orleans, and Tampa Bay.