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You Can’t Go Home Again (Especially Wearing the Road Team’s Uniform)

Former Thunder QB Danny Southwick was the starter for the Spokane Shock as they visited Portland on April 9. Did his time in training camp help him or the Thunder? Were there any conflicts of interest among his former teammates? Why was he still in Portland throughout the weekend? Find all the answers in my newest article on ArenaFan.


Photos: Portland Thunder 47, Spokane Shock 43

2015 Player Cards

I had some free time and mocked up a few online player cards for Instagram or Facebook profile pics. My current ability to produce is limited by photos I already have of players – if you’d like to have one of your favorite player, message me on Twitter (@BeaudryPDX) with a photo to use and I’ll turn it into a card for you as quickly as I can (life responsibilities do have a priority)!

Bryce Peila's Portland Thunder player card

Eric Crocker's San Jose Sabercats' player card

Antron Dillon's LA KISS player card

Dwight McLean's Las Vegas Outlaws player card

#ThunderTopPlay, Los Angeles Final

The fans determined that 3 > 2, in that three Douglas McNeil TD’s were better than two Varmah Sonie picks. However, they also determined that 2 > 3, in that the two seed, the forced fumble recovery in the end zone, beat out Antron Dillon’s fourth-down sack to put a dagger in the KISS’ comeback hopes.

So which is true this week? Does Dougie dash away with the LA’s entry into the semifinals?

Or will KC Obi and Bryce Peila combine to take that spot away?

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#ThunderTopPlay, San Antonio Final

San Antonio stayed true to form, continuing to be the upset bracket. We’re left with the 4 seed and 7 seed battling each other to face our Los Angeles finalist on Friday.

Here are your San Antonio finalists:

In this corner, here’s the 4 seed, the infamous Sonie/Peila tag team striking the Talons. Big reception? How about no, says Sonie, and Peila returns it into the red zone.

In the other corner, we have the longest touchdown run in Thunder history. We suspect QB Danny “Lightning” Southwick is rigging the vote somehow, but he just keeps getting through…kind of like he got through the Talons’ defense.

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Thunder Top Play, LA Region 2 vs 3

Another thing Thunder fans seem to love is watching the defensive line beat former KISS quarterback Aaron Garcia up.

KC Obi knocked the ball free from Garcia’s grasp and it landed in the end zone, where Bryce Peila pounced on it to put the Thunder back in charge of the playoff-critical game against Los Angeles. That was a big enough play to take it past Obi’s other hits, where he stopped a fullback for a three-yard loss and ended kick returner AJ Cruz’s night on a clean, hard tackle in special teams.

Meanwhile, a pretty big fumble return was eliminated in the first round in favor of Antron Dillon’s fourth-quarter smackdown of the veteran QB.

“Hit the quarterback really hard” is no longer the tiebreaker – you’ll have to find another reason to send one of these two to the regional finals. Who moves on, Portland?

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Thunder Top Play, SA Region 1 vs 4

Say it with me: Stan Dan’s Big Man TD. You can’t go wrong with voting for something with a fantastic name like that. You can’t go wrong with loving when an offensive lineman scores and gets to dance – it’s one of the sights that makes Arena Football so great.

The Thunder’ All-Arena representatives, Varmah Sonie and Bryce Peila? They came into the league and made it their own. It’s no surprise that they comprised so much of the #ThunderTopPlay bracket when you consider that both were in the league’s Top 10 in interceptions, Sonie was in the league’s Top 5 for forced fumbles, and Peila was in the Top 5 for picking ’em up.  This is just another example of their ball-hawking.

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What are we doing? We wrote about this earlier in the month.

Why are we doing it? To remind you of some great moments in 2014 as we lead up to our 2014/15 Open Tryout!

2014 Thunder Top Play, Day 6: De-Fense!

You don’t win games without defense in the Arena Football League. Against the New Orleans Voodoo, the Portland defense came up with several big hits and big plays.

Prior to this interception from Sonie, Sonie forced a fumble that the Thunder couldn’t fall on and Voodoo WR Chase Deadder picked it up and ran it the rest of the way for a touchdown. This time, the Thunder took the ball and kept it.

Meanwhile, remember when KC Obi ended the game early for LA KISS returner AJ Cruz? He also ended the game for the Voodoo’s Larry Beavers with this great reaction tackle.

Which defensive play moves on?

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