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Jack in the Box (Grand Prairie, TX)

One of the things that’s so sad about the eastern half of the country is that they don’t have Jack in the Box, which has been my 24/7 fast food jam for a couple decades now. One of the delightful things about the DFW area is that it has pretty much all of the regional chains. In N Out? Got it. Waffle House? Got it. Shake Shack? Got it. Smashburger? Got it. There are also plenty of Jack in the Boxes, including one near work. And we often get coupons in the mail!

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In N Out (Irving, TX)

With the family out of town and places that don’t serve chicken and fries or pasta now on the list of restaurants for me to choose, and an In N Out conveniently on the way home from work…well, that’s where I ended up.

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