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Retro AFL Playing Cards

I played around with what a few of the guys’ trading cards might look like if we had them and they were old-school. A few are attached in this post, but the rest can be found on Pinterest.

Marquis Jackson, Defensive End for the Portland Thunder, has a trading card Continue reading Retro AFL Playing Cards

2015 Player Cards

I had some free time and mocked up a few online player cards for Instagram or Facebook profile pics. My current ability to produce is limited by photos I already have of players – if you’d like to have one of your favorite player, message me on Twitter (@BeaudryPDX) with a photo to use and I’ll turn it into a card for you as quickly as I can (life responsibilities do have a priority)!

Bryce Peila's Portland Thunder player card

Eric Crocker's San Jose Sabercats' player card

Antron Dillon's LA KISS player card

Dwight McLean's Las Vegas Outlaws player card

Changing the Rules

The Arena Football League has a problem – the league that built itself on being a more fun variant of football has one specific, decidedly un-fun element in the game going against it, and that’s referee face time.

Referees interjecting penalties into the game is like watching an old episode of Dukes of Hazzard where they pause the show and have a cop list the laws, and the verbiage of the law broken, as they break them – and occasionally stop it in the wrong part of the show or give the wrong infraction. It takes the flow out of the game and kills everyone’s excitement. Some are more likely to throw flags than others, but I came up with some ideas to help them all stay out of the show a little more.

AFL Referee Infographic

AFL 2015 Schedule Cover Images: National Conference

As I mentioned in my American Conference set, I’ve decided to create a set of Facebook cover images for AFL fans! The sides will drop off on mobile, leaving you with a still-useful and attractive cover image that displays your team’s home schedule.

Here are the images for the National Conference, all of which are found on my Pinterest page.

2015 Arizona Rattlers schedule cover image

2015 Las Vegas Outlaws schedule cover image

2015 Los Angeles KISS schedule cover image

2015 Portland Thunder schedule cover image

2015 San Jose Sabercats schedule cover image

2015 Spokane Shock schedule cover image


You can follow me on Twitter, too, to keep up on when I decide to make more images.


AFL 2015 Schedule Cover Images: American Conference

I wanted to take on a project yesterday, so I decided to make these Facebook cover images for anyone who’s an Arena Football League fan. If Facebook told me correctly in its sizing guide, the sides will drop off on mobile and you’ll still have a pretty good-looking cover image with the home schedule. And when you view them on the web, you’ll get the added bonus of being able to see your team’s away schedule!

Here are the American Conference images (NOTE: Philadelphia’s looks a little off because of where your profile picture will cover up; I wanted the logo to still be visible. It’ll look better on an actual page):

Cleveland Gladiators Schedule FB Cover Image

2015 Jacksonville Sharks Schedule Cover Image

2015 New Orleans Voodoo Schedule Cover Image

2015 Orlando Predators Schedule Cover Image

2015 Philadelphia Soul Schedule Cover Image

Tampa Bay Storm Cover Image

Note: I was working on these until nearly 3 a.m., so it’s possible I made some errors in transcribing the schedule. Let me know if your team’s is wrong and I’ll do my best to fix it quickly! If you’re a fan of a National Conference team, check out that set here.