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Game Photos: Arizona Rattlers 69, Portland Thunder 42

While I was covering Friday’s game, I was also taking photos. A few of the photos I took are up on Flickr now (it’s just so much easier to batch upload). Includes terrible refereeing, big plays, and fine work by a guy out there on the field for the pizza promotion.

In fact, I liked his action sequence so much I won’t make you go to Flickr to see it.

Pizza Challenger


McDonough Adapts to New Role

Six of the 20 players who made the opening day roster of the Portland Thunder in 2014 are back and participating in camp in 2015. While other teams might lock those six into their spots and work on building the team around them, the Thunder are working on converting nose tackle Jake McDonough into an offensive lineman.

The conversion works out for both sides, as McDonough seeks to show off his versatility for “a few NFL teams” who are interested in him as an offensive line prospect. The Thunder, meanwhile, expect to be without stalwart guard Max Jean-Gilles for a while as he recovers from an injury he sustained late in the 2014 campaign, and would love nothing more than to have a guy on the roster who can play both offensive line and defensive line at a high level.

The idea of McDonough becoming an offensive lineman was born of necessity. Continue reading McDonough Adapts to New Role