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On Oregon Sports News: Do the SaberCats Get “Superstar” Treatment?

The San Jose SaberCats are undefeated. They’re destroying opponents, mostly through the exploits of their defense. But does their success beget more success by convincing referees that they’re not committing penalties when they’re getting away with obvious illegal tactics?

Or do you think there are obvious penalties on every play, so they don’t get special treatment?

Note: There was no holding called on the featured photo. KC Obi (far left) got the sack, so the no-call didn’t matter, but this was hardly the only obvious hold that wasn’t called on Jackson’s blocker.


Retro AFL Playing Cards

I played around with what a few of the guys’ trading cards might look like if we had them and they were old-school. A few are attached in this post, but the rest can be found on Pinterest.

Marquis Jackson, Defensive End for the Portland Thunder, has a trading card Continue reading Retro AFL Playing Cards

Photos: Portland Thunder 47, Spokane Shock 43

Thunder 42, KISS 37: Goofus and Gallant summary

Sure, Jamar Howard, the offensive player of the game, posted three touchdowns and 119 total yards. Sure, Kyle Rowley, looking healthier than he has in years, converted six of his final seven drives into touchdowns with the lone KISS stop coming on a tipped-at-the-line interception. The real stars of the Portland Thunder’s season-opening 42-37 win over the Los Angeles KISS were the Thunder’s offensive and defensive lines, who dominated their KISS counterparts throughout the game.

Anyone who ever read Highlights for Children (or is familiar with enough memes) remembers Goofus and Gallant – they’ll be breaking down the rest of the game for me.

DL Robert Hayes and KC Obi meet at KISS QB Adrian McPherson.
Goofus lets defenders freely run at his quarterback.
The Portland Thunder's offensive line blocks for QB Kyle Rowley.
Gallant gets in the way of oncoming pass-rushers.
LB Brandon Tett forces the game-clinching incompletion on fourth down.
Goofus uses four blockers to stop three rushers when the fourth is headed for their QB.
Thunder offensive line blocks for QB Kyle Rowley.
Gallant uses four blockers to block three rushers when the fourth defensive player is standing and trying to block passes.
KISS offensive linemen hold LB Brandon Tett and DL Marquis Jackson to buy time for QB Adrian McPherson.
Goofus gains an advantage by illegally holding every player on the opposing team.
QB Kyle Rowley takes a snap under center.
Gallant gains an advantage by snapping the ball quickly and having faster reflexes than his opponent.

Thunder Training Camp Photos: No Pads

Jamar Howard gets by a defender early in 2015’s Thunder Training Camp.
New acquisition Martel Moore goes through route-running drills on opening day of the 2015 Thunder Training Camp.
OL Jeraill McCuller works on blocking former Portland State DL Marquis Jackson.

For more photos from the first two days of 2015’s Portland Thunder Training Camp, check out my Pinterest album, which also provides larger versions for download.