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AFL Referees: Making NBA Refs Look Perfect

As a resident of the Northwest, and a guy who watches a lot of AFL games, I’ve been subjected to a lot of terrible refereeing. A good 80 percent of the worst refereed games I’ve seen have involved Dave Cutaia’s crew, and I’m sick of it.

When dealing with poor refereeing, I’m used to the NBA’s model, where the idea seems to be to err in favor of the team that’s losing by a considerable amount, or perhaps the home team, to try to keep the game interesting for longer. With Cutaia’s crew, however, it always seems as though they want to be part of the winning team, helping the superior squad gain even more of an advantage through horrific calls and non-calls.

Below are a few photos (and videos) of the most obvious missed calls and made-up calls. Continue reading AFL Referees: Making NBA Refs Look Perfect


On Oregon Sports News: Do the SaberCats Get “Superstar” Treatment?

The San Jose SaberCats are undefeated. They’re destroying opponents, mostly through the exploits of their defense. But does their success beget more success by convincing referees that they’re not committing penalties when they’re getting away with obvious illegal tactics?

Or do you think there are obvious penalties on every play, so they don’t get special treatment?

Note: There was no holding called on the featured photo. KC Obi (far left) got the sack, so the no-call didn’t matter, but this was hardly the only obvious hold that wasn’t called on Jackson’s blocker.

Changing the Rules

The Arena Football League has a problem – the league that built itself on being a more fun variant of football has one specific, decidedly un-fun element in the game going against it, and that’s referee face time.

Referees interjecting penalties into the game is like watching an old episode of Dukes of Hazzard where they pause the show and have a cop list the laws, and the verbiage of the law broken, as they break them – and occasionally stop it in the wrong part of the show or give the wrong infraction. It takes the flow out of the game and kills everyone’s excitement. Some are more likely to throw flags than others, but I came up with some ideas to help them all stay out of the show a little more.

AFL Referee Infographic