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Jack in the Box (Grand Prairie, TX)

One of the things that’s so sad about the eastern half of the country is that they don’t have Jack in the Box, which has been my 24/7 fast food jam for a couple decades now. One of the delightful things about the DFW area is that it has pretty much all of the regional chains. In N Out? Got it. Waffle House? Got it. Shake Shack? Got it. Smashburger? Got it. There are also plenty of Jack in the Boxes, including one near work. And we often get coupons in the mail!

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Carl’s Jr. (Santa Rosa, NM)

doublewesternWhere did it all go wrong? My family and I used to LOVE Carl’s Jr. When we moved from Southern California to the Northwest, we even wrote to corporate HQ to implore them to put a location in my hometown of Kennewick (which DOES have one, so I’ll pretend we were the reason it came to town).

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Kebabs To Go (Irving, TX)

kebabstogomenusI only went to Kebabs To Go as an accident. My friend and I were SUPPOSED to go to LA Burger to celebrate my getting a new job (although I’d had it a while), but apparently they’re closed on Sundays. So we walked over to Kebabs To Go, which I’d wanted to go to for a while due to their strong Google reviews.

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Mixed Up Burgers (Grand Prairie, TX)

Now that I’m working down in Grand Prairie, I have the opportunity to expand my review circles a bit. Mixed Up Burgers has an interesting concept – instead of putting everything atop your burger, most toppings will be mixed into the burger itself.

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Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles (Southlake, TX)

I grew up on the West Coast, where there aren’t many establishments offering chicken and waffles as a meal. I heard about them for a while when I got older, but never had the opportunity to try it as a meal until I went to a Dave and Buster’s in San Jose, and they were pretty amazing; I’ve been hunting for them (on the rare occasion I seek breakfast in a restaurant) since.

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Vito’s Pizza Restaurant (Irving, TX)

My family wanted pizza. Since making homemade dough, waiting for it to rise, kneading it down, preparing all the ingredients, and baking pizzasΒ would’ve meant plenty of dishes and a late, late dinner after an exhausting day, we headed out to nearby Vito’s Pizza Restaurant on Belt Line.

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Dutch’s Hamburgers (Fort Worth, TX)

Hooray! I had a great opportunity to visit Fort Worth again recently and my trip brought me right into Dutch’s neighborhood. I vowed to attack this restaurant the next time I was in town and I lived up to that promise for you, my readers*.

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Taco Naan (Coppell, TX)

Man can’t subsist on hamburgers and pizza alone – even just for the occasions where he’s dining out.

With that in mind, I went to lunch with Michael again and we explored Belt Line as opposed to MacArthur, our usual street of choiceΒ for restaurants (lunch break logistics limit options). Michael likes Indian food; I had been lamenting the lack of tacos in my reviews, so when I saw Taco Naan appear in the list of local restaurants, I knew it was where we needed to be.

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Rodeo Goat (Fort Worth, TX)

First things first: This was supposed to be a review of Dutch’s. I had occasion to go to Forth Worth twice since moving to the DFW area.Β I got free tickets (as a veteran) to the Armed Forces Bowl primarily to eat pre-game at Dutch’s, the winner of the DFW.comΒ 2015 Burger Battle. When we got there, the restaurant was closed for the week for repairs or upgrades or some other reason that did not satisfy my hunger. You can’t eat an “I’m sorry, we’re not open” sign, Dutch’s!

I then had another opportunity to go this week, but ended up at Rodeo Goat, the winner of the same competition in 2014 and the People’s Champ in 2015. It was closer to where I was, after all.

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