Arby’s (Irving, TX)

I know, I always eat at super-classy joints, so what am I doing at Arby’s? Why, trying a smokehouse brisket sandwich, of course.

Emoji review: 🐄😐

I ate this a longggggggg time ago, but I remember the restaurant was fairly empty and clean. The tables looked cool. The Kid’s Meal toy was a pretty fun little flip book with constellations and galaxies.

The brisket sandwich was a disappointment, because of course it was. I ordered brisket at Arby’s and I live in Texas. So that’s on me. I had forgotten that curly fries were standard at Arby’s, so that was a nice surprise.

All in all, a very OK experience that doesn’t provoke anger towards Arby’s, but I wouldn’t ever say “Let’s go to Arby’s!”*.

*Unless they’re bringing back the 5 for $5. Or the real Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich, which was incredible to have at a fast food restaurant.