Mixed Up Burgers (Grand Prairie, TX)

Now that I’m working down in Grand Prairie, I have the opportunity to expand my review circles a bit. Mixed Up Burgers has an interesting concept – instead of putting everything atop your burger, most toppings will be mixed into the burger itself.

Emoji review: 🍍🍔,🍕🍔 = 🎅🎁

What this means is that you should NOT order cheese as a mix-in. Rather than being a melty center of the patty, it is mixed in, which basically meant the cheese will be drained out of the burger. Knowing that, you’re prepared to make good decisions when choosing your food.

Since I went there twice and chose probably the two most desirable burgers on the menu (unless, again, you like spicy things – I do not, so you may want to search their menu for something that suits your tastes a bit better), the Love Burger (left) and Italian MUBster (right).

The Love Burger comes with ham and provolone mixed into the burger, a teriyaki glaze, and it’s served on a toasted glazed donut (cut in half and glazed side against the meat). It’s not very attractive for picture-taking purposes, but love is more than skin-deep, my friend. And I do love this burger, even if I feel like I could probably eat three of them, and at $9/burger, I want to be full when I’m done with it.

The Italian MUBster…it’s sausage and hamburger mixed with Italian spices, with some pepperoni and mozzarella thrown on top of a ciabatta bun (and some pizza sauce and parmesan thrown in there). So it’s a combination of a pizza and a burger. YOU GOT YOUR PIZZA IN MY BURGER! YOU GOT YOUR BURGER IN MY PIZZA! The Italian MUBster is two great tastes that taste great together.

The fries are solid if unspectacular; the interior decor could use some work, but hey, there’s sports on the TV which means if it’s football season, I wouldn’t even notice the mismatched chairs at tables. Also, they have Golden Tee.

Delicious burgers, sports, and video games? That’s the kind of a place a fella could get used to visiting.