Frisco Roughriders’ ballpark grub (Frisco, TX)

Since all the local teams were ditching town for my birthday weekend in 2016, we decided to head to Frisco a weekend early to see a Roughriders game. The $9 tickets made it an appealing option, as did the $5 parking.

Emoji review: 😷 πŸ”, πŸ”₯βšΎπŸŽ†

Since we ate there, I might as well review the ballpark food in bullet points:

  • Frozen margarita by the yard: Must’ve been a dude doing the measuring, ’cause the container the margarita came in was 12″ long. Still, since I made the poor decision of sitting on the sun (no, not in the sunlight, on the actual surface of the sun, I’m pretty sure), I rate this purchase as a good decision.
  • Chicken strips and fries (above): These were for my daughter, Kara. She seemed to enjoy them…and then threw up in around the sixth or seventh inning. Vomiting does not help your food quality score, even if it may have been partially caused by her just being too dang hot out there.
  • Souvenir beer: I felt pretty good about this. Decent price, nice cup I can use at home.
  • Brisket sandwich: Ballpark brisket is like brisket in a can – I’m not sure it’s possible to put brisket in a can, but even if you could, you shouldn’t. And similarly, I shouldn’t have ordered the brisket sandwich.

All in all, the food was probably the worst part of the game, which did result in a Roughriders win. There were food trucks stationed on the third-base side of the field that may have made for a better experience, so don’t let my review deter you from catching a game.

When it was actually nice out (all baseball games in Texas summers should start at 8:30 p.m), the stadium was pretty amazing, as was the fun of running on the field pre- and post-game. Plus, who doesn’t like a nice post-game fireworks show?

Oh, and Kara rebounded from her earlier incident nicely: